Work With Us – Students

In the United States & Canada

Real Projects, Real Impact

When you start at Whirlpool Corporation as an intern or as a full-time employee post graduation, you will find a role that is immediately impactful. Each role is designed to make a difference.

U.S. Internship Benefits

Professional Growth

Our programs are designed to provide a foundation to your successful career. That starts with an outstanding Internship, focused on adding business value within a 12 week period. Managers and Projects for internships are selected in a highly competitive environment, so students can expect a great experience learning and interacting with top leaders.

Holiday Pay

Interns on Whirlpool Corporation payroll will be given the same Holiday Pay as all other employees within their work site (varies by location). Typically in the summer, interns will be paid for Memorial Day (start date dependent), Independence Day holiday and possibly one floating holiday.

Product Discounts

During your Internship with Whirlpool Corporation, you will receive and will be able to give to your Friends & Family the Whirlpool Corporation Inside Pass Discount. This discount is on all products Whirlpool Corporation manufactures including small appliances.

Adjusted Service Date

We hope you love your Internship so much that you end up working with us Full Time after graduation! If you return to Whirlpool Corporation within twelve months of the end date of your Internship, you will be given an adjusted Service Date; which gives you credit for your internship and that can mean tangible benefits like a faster increase in vacation time.

Community Service

Community Service is one of the key activities Whirlpool Corporation wants our employees to invest in. We provide opportunities for Interns to experience volunteerism first hand. You may get to go on a Habitat for Humanity build or you may get to work in a local Art Fair or something just as interesting. We know you will benefit from giving back.


During your 12 week internship, you will be provided housing free of charge to you. If your undergraduate internship is at Global Headquarters in Southwest Michigan, you will be provided housing at our local Community College in their contemporary housing. For your graduate internship, you will have the choice of housing at the community college or provided a housing stipend. For interns that are at our manufacturing locations, you will be provided a housing stipend for local accommodations.

Bachelors Level Programs


Brand Immersion at Whirlpool is a rotational development program for qualified undergraduates to gain on-the job experiences and build the foundational marketing competencies to progress toward program completion at the Manager level. This program offers Brand Management responsibilities and exposure in your very first rotation through projects associated with creative development, agency management, integrated marketing communications, and executing on the brand strategy. Brand Immersion employees also benefit from personalized development and career coaching, as well as mentorship with Senior Leaders.The Brand Immersion Program offers both 12-week summer internships and full time opportunities for students majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.


The Whirlpool Engineering Rotational Leadership Development (WERLD) program is one of our most successful and longest running programs. WERLD is focused on developing a strong engineering foundation in order to prepare participants for the variety of career paths available within Whirlpool’s Global Product Organization. Interns are given critical projects over a twelve week period while full time participants rotate through multiple products in the different stages of product development – from research and development all the way to manufacturing.


The Finance Development Program (FDP) is geared towards graduating students with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and minimal professional experience to date. FDP participants are provided three challenging 12-month assignments, supported with mentoring from Whirlpool Finance leadership, and offered fast-paced training and development programs. Program participants gain analytical skills in 3 very different finance disciples, providing a strong foundation to lead future financial initiatives throughout the company.


This 12-week internship program allows participants to directly contribute to the future direction of Whirlpool’s information systems through the practical application of new and leading technologies for strategic market advantage. The program includes a powerful combination of mentoring by GIS leaders and unique experiences. Following the internship, participants may have the opportunity to join the GIS organization full-time into a role of their interest and drive their own career!


For those individuals pursuing their bachelors degree in Human Resources or a related field, Whirlpool offers our HR Immersion Program. Interns are provided a challenging 12 week business assignment on one of our HR Operations teams. These roles could include: Talent Acquisition, Project Management, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, or any other one of our exciting HR Ops teams. Full time participants have a great opportunity to gain a variety of experiences in energizing, value-creating roles; The three-year rotational program includes challenging specialist, COE, and shared service/generalist roles, enhanced by a rigorous learning & development curriculum and senior leader mentoring.


Manufacturing is at the heart of what we do at Whirlpool Corporation. Interns are assigned to one of our five Ohio plants while full time participants could rotate to any of our 9 US manufacturing sites. The program is designed for you to experience the multitude of roles within manufacturing. Rotations will be focused through our Whirlpool Production System pillars; experiences could include lean manufacturing, quality, materials, supervision and many more.


The Real Whirled Sales Development Program offers both internship and full time opportunities as Whirlpool Corporation’s longest running program. Real Whirled Sales Interns focus on critical sales projects over a twelve week period within our North American headquarters and the full time roles begin with an unmatched multi-week immersion experience in which participants live and learn together to gain insight into Whirlpool’s brands, products, consumers, and how we go to market. Following the immersive training, participants relocate into the field to manage the sell thru of our national account business within a territory. The hands- on Real Whirled Sales Development experience and initial role as a Sales Execution Representative creates a solid foundation to start your career within Whirlpool Corporation’s Sales organization.


At the core of this program is to understand the entire supply chain process – from identifying suppliers all the way to manufacturing. Interns can specify which area they prefer for their 12 week internship and full time participants have one rotation in each: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Procurement. Manufacturing roles will focus on a pillar within our Whirlpool Production System with Procurement roles typically interfacing with global process partners. Through the variety of experiences you will have a consistent mentor while developing a diverse network.

Masters Level Programs


The Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) provides members with the opportunity to apply finance skills, strengthen business acumen, and accelerate their career. Through three challenging rotational assignments, mentoring from Finance leadership, and fast-paced training and development programs, FLDP members gain the skills required to lead and manage critical business and financial initiatives throughout the company. The first two roles will prepare you for a transition into a Finance Manager role, working with business unit leadership to drive financial results or supporting and influencing our global corporate center finance activities.


The Global Information Systems Leadership Development Program (GISLDP) develops future business leaders with Information Technology accountability within Whirlpool Corporation. During this unmatched three rotation program, members receive forward-thinking career development challenges and experience in what it takes to envision, design, develop, and operate information systems that support a global multi-branded business.


The goal of the Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) is to develop future HR leaders who have a well-rounded understanding of the HR function through robust experiences with breadth, depth and leadership, and through mentorship and development. The HRLDP internship offers individuals pursuing a Masters in HR or MBA the opportunity to gain valuable experience in one of our HR Communities of Expertise, within our HR Operations team, or supporting a direct business unit. For our full time participants, you will have the opportunity to build off of your past work experiences by creating compelling strategies and driving differentiated results throughout your three-year rotational program.


This is a highly competitive program for MBA students with five plus years of experience. This experience is only available externally as an internship. Offers will be made at the end of the internship only to candidates who the steering committee feel could achieve a Director level role within five years. The Global Leader Program centers on meaningful and challenging roles. During the 12-week internship, you will work individually and with teams on cross-functional projects in one business area across operations, strategy, or commercial. Through this project work, you will leverage your prior work experience and also stretch your skills in new areas. You will also have access to learning and development opportunities throughout the summer, both with fellow Global Leader Program interns and with interns across the organization. Additionally, you will be paired with a summer mentor who will be dedicated to helping you develop and hone your leadership skills and navigate Whirlpool’s organization and culture.

Early College Opportunities


The BUILD (Bridging Unity, Inclusion, Leadership & Diversity) Externship is an informational, developmental and highly interactive 4-day conference held at our Global and North American Headquarter Buildings in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Participants experience the culture and rhythms of business, and learn how Whirlpool Corporation creates moments that matter for its employees and customers.